The Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning hosted JCON on February 3rd and 14th. The event was free and open to the public and welcomed all ages.

The event was held in connection with the Parables: Sci-Fi and Horror exhibit, where artists showcased their talents on various comic book and scary subjects.

The convention – substantially a marketplace – gave artists the opportunity to sell their works. Vendors included those selling hand-customized sneakers, decades-old vintage comic books, and comic illustrators.

Barrington Brisset, known as “Blaqson,” shared information about what he does and the opportunities that JCON provides. “I’m a painter. I also sell prints that reference pop culture, movies, and comics,” Brisset stated. “I think it’s great exposure. Not everybody can get accepted into our main exhibits because there are only a certain number of available slots. So this is a great way for people who weren’t accepted to get their vision out there.”

For more information on future events, log onto JCAL.org.