JFK Redevelopment Aviation and Aeronautics Academy Hosts STEM Academy

The JFK Redevelopment Aviation and Aeronautics Academy hosted their STEM Academy programs at York College on March 23 in the Academic Core building. The event was for accepted students from the program.

Children with aspirations of working in aviation had a chance to take classes with recent college graduates and experienced adults in the field. The program had it all, from Lego builds of planes to realistic simulators, and a range of different classes and materials were offered to learn about aviation.

The Director of JFKR AAA, Dr. Nazrul Khandaker, shared that he is thrilled about the opportunity for the children to learn. “This program is serving so many different purposes,” Khandaker stated. “Number one, we are trying to offer the STEM program education to the underserved children in this area. This is considered to be Tier 1 according to the zip code. This means that financially people aren’t doing well. Number two is there is going to be a lot of need for this position in the Aviation sector. We need engineers, mechanics, and pilots. Everything under the sun. Why not have it be the upcoming generation to do it.”

For more information, log onto https://www.york.cuny.edu/aviation-and-aeronautics-academy