Lovecraft at The King Manor Museum

The King Manor Museum hosted Lovecraft at the Manor on October 21st. The event was free to the public for all ages to attend.

Author and historian David J. Goodwin hosted the event where he discussed the influence of writer H.P. Lovecraft and his two years in New York City. The audience learned about people and places that he discovered while living in the city. During the program, Goodwin gave information on his upcoming book, Midnight Rambles: H.P. Lovecraft in Gotham. After his presentation, Education and Programs Coordinator at King Manor, Abigail Waldron, joined in for a conversation about Lovecraft’s influence in television and films.

Goodwin explained the importance of Lovecraft’s contributions to the arts and film. “Lovecraft is easily the most influential genre writer in the 20th and now 21st century,” Goodwin stated. “Once you read his stories, you see his influence everywhere. You see it on television. You hear it in music. You can see it in comic books. You can see it in literature.” Goodwin finished by stating Lovecraft was a “complex and controversial figure because of his views on race and immigration that have come to light.”

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