Madams In Motion

by Jabari Bruce

The JFK Redevelopment Outreach Team held Madams in Motion on October 1st for girls in grades 1-12 at the JFK Port Authority Administration Building.

The event – co-sponsored by the York College Aviation Department and Aviation High School’s Women in Aviation chapter – introduced aviation topics to young women interested in careers in aviation and featured employees from major airlines such as Delta and JetBlue. Rachelle Antonie began the ceremony with encouraging words for the young attendees. “Sometimes you have to see it in order to believe it. That’s why we are here. We are showing you what we can accomplish and letting you know you can do it too!”

Tables were set up so current high school and college students majoring in aviation could speak with the girls about the education needed for particular paths in the field.

A staff member from the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City spoke about his involvement in aviation and how his job is different from most positions in the field. Working in his division involves studying the history of aviation and recording its progress in a museum. He shared what attracted him towards this career path, and encouraged those who have a similar interest to do so as well. He stated: “If you aren’t interested in the typical jobs in an airport – like a pilot or a flight attendant – but are still interested in aviation, this might be the job for you.”

The children were given complimentary breakfast and pizza for lunch. The event was a success with over thirty children exploring career options for women in aviation.