Queens Girl In The World Premieres at JCAL

by Jabari Bruce

The Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) held their recurring event “Meet The Playwright” on Thursday, December 22nd. The play being presented, “Queens Girl In The World” was written by Caleen Sinnette Jennings.

Meet The Playwrights Curator & Host – Brenda Jones

The one woman show, performed by Brandice Peltier, portrayed the struggles of a black high school student in the 60’s. The play was designed to narrate true events that Jennings experienced throughout her childhood. From frustrations with parents to complications around figuring out how to impress her crush, the audience was given an insightful look into different perspectives and characters from the time period.

Brandice Peltier – Actor

When Peltier was asked how long it took her to memorize and execute all the characters well, she replied: “Honestly, I just got comfortable doing it on stage now.” Her performance resulted in a standing ovation from the audience at the end.

Brandice Peltier – Actor

The curator of the event, Brenda Jones, explained the goal of these events held at the theater. “Meet the playwright is based on finding the talent in the local area,” Jones stated. “It’s here, and next door to everyone around here. So why not get to know the playwrights that you walk along Jamaica Avenue with everyday.”

Brandice Peltier – Actor

Jones described the developments of the program. “We went virtual for the first season and then in-person for subsequent events. Every time we do a play it is a different experience for a different audience.”

Meet The Playwright – Host, Actor and Playwright (On Screen)

For more information on the Jamaica Center of Arts and Learning’s Meet The Playwright series, visit www.jcal.org.