Road House Cafe & Health Foods Market

by Jabari Bruce

Road House Cafe & Health Foods Market is a new vegan franchise available in the local Jamaica, Queens area. The chain is blackowned and has two locations, one on Jamaica Avenue, and the other in Laurelton.

The Roti Shop not only offers delicious plant based dishes, but also offers an entire Juice and Detox Shot Bar. The Herbal Elixirs provided are used as treatments for diabetes, blood pressure, stress, other conditions, as well as sexual performance enhancement.

The establishment focuses on the health and well-being of their customers. The shop offers a Seven Day Detox Weight Loss Program. Tailored specifically to the individual, the process involves learning about their metabolism and hormones to best detoxify the body and optimize their living standards. The restaurant also sells health essentials such as oils, skin and hair products, and plant based medicines.

Chris, the owner of the store in Laurelton, commented on the impact the store has had during its eighteen years of business. “The purpose is to give people access to healthy options, herbs, and teach people how to live prosperous lives. When we started out, it was hard to get access to these resources in the local area. With what we provide, we give people healthy and tasty options.”

Chris, then discussed what are possible steps to take in order for someone to make a transition to the healthy vegan lifestyle. “You have to put yourself in places where you have more of that option,” Chris stated. “Speak to people who are vegan and put yourself in that environment to allow yourself to learn.”

The two locations addresses are 129-32B Merrick Boulevard Jamaica NY, 11434 (718-527-7684) and 229-21B Merrick Boulevard Laurelton, NY 11413 (718-684-9765).

For more information, log onto and email at [email protected].