Friends and Flowers Join The American Heart Association

The American Heart Association, Friends of Brookville Park, and Flowers Of Hope NY hosted their free event promoting health and wellness in Brookville Park on October 28th. 

Flowers Of Hope NY has been in the community for seven years and frequently hosts events in the park, such as dance classes and mental health workshops, to promote healthier lifestyle choices. 

An American Heart Association member, Dr. Lee, lectured on how to take care of your cardiovascular system and remain active. Attendees wore costumes and were offered donuts and coffee. After the refreshments and the speech, the group exercised by walking through Brookville Park.  

Gina Vasquez of Flowers Of Hope NY stated the importance of caring for your health and its value to our community. “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” Vasquez stated. “When you are healthy, you are a happier person.”  

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