I.S. 59 Hosts Its Annual Health, Education & Employment Fair

I.S. 59 hosted its annual Health, Education & Employment Fair on May 18th. The event was free, open to the public, and appropriate for all ages.

Over forty vendors and agencies participated in the event. Participating organizations ranged from the offices of local elected officials to doctors’ offices, and a food truck.

Children received free books, got their faces painted, played games, and listened to great music. Families were given the opportunity to grab a bag filled with groceries such as cereal, fruits, and vegetables.

Sheryl L Leverett, the parent coordinator at I.S 59Q, shared why it’s important to sponsor these events. “The community needs to know what is available to them,” Leverett stated. “Whether it’s housing or finances or medical care, it’s great information for people in the local area.”

For more information about activities at I.S. 59, visit: https://www.d29is59queens.com.