King Manor Hosts Decorative Lights

The King Manor Museum hosted their Decorative Lights DIY Workshop at the King Manor Museum site on April 19th.

This workshop was taught by Sari Nordman, an NYU graduate and passionate environmental artist. It was also a closing session for King Manor’s Streamline exhibit, which presented historic artifacts and the importance of a healthy environment.

Attendees were given the opportunity to use recycled plastics, synthetic garments, and other goods to create their own lanterns using crochet and weaving techniques. People were also allowed to bring in their own goods to use for their projects, bringing their own identity to their work!

Kelsey Brow, Executive Director of King Manor Museum, shared the importance of this event for the children. “We discussed how water has advanced our lives and how it has damaged it,” Brow stated. “We really emphasize to them the importance of reusing and how it can help the environment.”

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