King Manor Hosts Hands-On History: Ocean in a Bottle

The King Manor Museum hosted Hands-On History: Ocean in a Bottle on April 20th at the King Manor Museum.

Hands-On History is a free family series held on the first and third Saturdays of the month at King Manor from 1-4 pm. This Hands-On History celebrated the use of recycled materials in arts and crafts. Attendees used recycled plastic water bottles, water, and oil with blue food dye to simulate an ocean. Children also had the chance to add different toy critters and shells to their aquarium in a bottle. 

Abigail Waldron, the Education and Program Director at King Manor Museum, explained the main goal of this event. “It’s a cute way to use old recycled plastic,” Waldron stated. Unfortunately, climate change is getting worse. Things like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch show we have so much litter and garbage that has to be addressed. We really need to teach our young children the importance of recycling.”

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