State Senator Comrie Hosts Solar Eclipse Watch Event

New York State Senator Leroy Comrie — in partnership with the Amateur Astronomers Association and St. Albans Under the Stars — hosted a Solar Eclipse Watch Event on March 9th in Archie Spigner Park. The event was free and open to the public. 

Guests were greeted at a table that featured a variety of information about astronomy and the solar eclipse. As planned, the event would have allowed attendees to use telescopes to see the eclipse first-hand. However, due to cloudy weather, this was not possible. 

Thomas Haeberle, from the Amateur Astronomers Association, enthusiastically explained why we should learn about Astronomy. “I think Astronomy is a great and fun way to get into the sciences,” Haeberle stated. “For me, it’s fun to be able to fall in love with the image in the telescope.”

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